Sisters of the Earth Community


Visio Divina

Cosmic Stained Glass Windows at Green Mt Monastery depicting the story of the universe by Amber Hiscott/Glass Artist from Wales.

Visio Divina means ‘Divine Seeing’ and is similar to the ancient practice of ‘Lectio Divina’, a form of reading a passage of scripture slowly, taking in the words while allowing them to go deep into the heart.

Our Visio Divina Gallery is a space to take time, slow down and fill yourself with the beauty of  images, art, dance and performance pieces.


Send us your own images for this space as well. Contact us:

Butterfly wing transplant at Green Mt Monastery for our butterfly with a broken wing. 


Grey Wolf

Lupus Canis, The Grey Wolf by Angela Manno 

This iconic mammal of the Western US had a promising comeback until recently, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans to strip gray wolves of their protection under the Endangered Species Act across the lower 48 states. This proposal, which would allow trophy hunting, will slow or completely halt recovery of wolves in more of their former range and would be a death sentence for grey wolves across the country.  ~  Angela Manno  ( link to Angela's Art Studio)