Sisters of the Earth Community


Join us as a Sister of the Earth Community




What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~   Mary Oliver  







From here on, community must be inter-species community. 
There is no way around it; to talk of the human or international community is an abstraction. We are one
Single Sacred Community.

Thomas Berry

If you are curious or wondering about the possibility of joining us as a Sister of the Earth Community, from anywhere in the world, consider taking part in our 6-12 month inquiry process ~  

Listening with the  Heart.

During this time we will have monthly zoom calls or meetings, exploring together the beautiful qualities of  the heart: openness, trust, gratitude, love, and utmost respect in light of the path before us. 

We will share with you the spirit of our mission, our formative process and offer suggested readings and spiritual tools to help with your discernment.

 Which way? Where is the path? What am I being called to now?

Let's listen together to the heart. 

If interested in having an initial conversation, contact me:

Sr Gail  

The Divine does not look so much at the magnitude of anything we do, as to the love with which we do it.  ~ St Teresa of Avila