Sisters of the Earth Community



                               Muck Boots!

If you would like to share your gifts with us and volunteer, we can always use help!   A good deal of our volunteer opportunities require physical work with the natural world such as:

organic gardening, building, forest cleaning, wood stacking, raking and creating paths, mowing, clipping and a variety of land related projects.

We also have some indoor work such as vegetarian/vegan cooking, library cataloging, computer help,  plumbing, carpentry and cleaning.

We can take 2 volunteers at a time and provide room and board in exchange for work. 

Our Volunteer Process:

If we have not met you previously, we require a zoom interview (to determine if we will be a mutual fit and if our needs at the moment meet with your skills). 

Volunteers work for 5 hours a day either with one of us or on their own in exchange for room and board.

Volunteers participate in community life as lived at GMM and uphold all community guidelines.

If interested in volunteering please contact us : Green Mountain Monastery