Sisters of the Earth Community


Straw Bale Hermitage

                         Straw Bale Hermitage

Welcome to our Straw Bale Hermitage!  Yes, it is really built out of straw and has held up through 15 Vermont winters!  Straw is a renewable resource and because the bales of straw are so thick, the insulation is great, keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter with the small wood stove making the space cozy.

The inside is very simple and welcomes you to make your retreat in silence and beauty.   There is no internet accessibility here so come and log off for awhile.

The hermitage is a place of silence and reflection.  Many come here to have time alone, pray and listen to the voice of the Divine deep in their souls.

Suggested Donation for hermitage stay plus organic meals:

$190.00 - 210.00 sliding scale/night

If you would like to make a retreat in the hermitage please email us by clicking here.   Some barter opportunity available.