Sisters of the Earth Community


Sr Kristiana Maria Prasetyo

                                        Sr Kris

I was born and raised in Surakarta often called SOLO,  a city in Central Java Indonesia. Solo has been an important center of Javanese culture and tradition since its founding as the heart of the Mataram kingdom in 1745.  Solo is located across a fertile plain terrain along the longest river in Java, Bengawan Solo river.  It is also flanked by the mountain volcanoes Merapi and Merbabu in the north, and mount Lawu in the southeast border.

Surakarta is the cradle of Javanese culture, with two royal palaces in one city: the Kraton Solo and the Mangkunegaran Solo. Solo is called the city that never sleeps and has a motto “Solo: The Spirit of Java“, also the birthplace of the current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.

I spent my childhood on a small farm with chickens. It made me realize how our lives are dependent on nature. Nature gives us everything. And I will never be able to live without the community of life. The natural world has always captured me in many ways, one of which is through a group of nature lovers or mountain climbers that I joined while doing my studies.

I studied education training and earned a professional degree as an educator from Sanata Dharma University, Jogyakarta Indonesia.  I worked as an educator, in finance department and also research. In the midst of my busy work and activity there was “something missing” and I didn’t know what it was?   I discerned for years wondering what God wants of me.

Finally I joined a religious community, Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Indonesia at the age of 29. I did my formation in the Philippines and spent my time as a young sister in the Philippines in the contemplative branch.  After my International experience in the United State in 2013 something moved very strongly in me. I couldn’t name it or even dare to make a decision around that feeling.

Thankful for the Good Shepherd congregation who helped make the decision.   In 2014 I left the congregation and started a new journey into the unknown.  I did volunteer work in Eco Learning Camp in Bandung West Java, while connecting with the sisters Green Mountain Monastery while visiting the United States.  

I knew the community through our sisters who attended the big international gathering for contemplative sisters of the Good Shepherd in Quito Ecuador, during the time Sisters Gail and Bernadette were the presenters.  

Since then I continued my journey of  learning and studying about Thomas Berry and made my first profession on November 5 , 2016 at Green Mountain Monastery as a Sister of the Earth Community.  

This year, 2020 we established a Thomas Berry House in Bandung, Indonesia which I am privileged to direct along with a Thomas Berry Garden.   Our Partners in Mission are a vital part of our beginnings here in this country.

Now I realize that my love of nature since my childhood were fruits to who I am now, and it is important for me to share with others.

I am passionate about giving myself fully to the love of Christ through the natural world and wild life and continue connecting and sharing with others as we move together  in an unfolding universe as single sacred community. 

Art and craft is also part of my expression as currently I am doing some paintings about nature and animals that I share here on the website with you.