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Via Collectiva

               Continual Blossoming in the Via Collectiva



The Wisdom of Women is to join the knowing of the body to that of the mind, to join soul to spirit, intuition to reasoning, feeling consciousness to intellectual analysis, intimacy to detachment.  Bringing these together is our way into the future. ~  Thomas Berry









In the Via Collectiva  we step into the vast space of the interior together- a space existing not only within us but between us.              The Via Collectiva is a collective plunge in the Divine through an emergent process of unfolding.  Marg Kehoe/Gail Worcelo


Our next 4 month gathering of Continual Blossoming/Via Collectiva:

August 14, 2022~ November 12, 2022
Donation:  $200 ~ $250 sliding scale

If you are interested and would like more information session on contact us,   Gail Worcelo/ Marg Kehoe: Via Collectiva/Continual Blossoming


Our first four directives of the Via Collectiva are: 

Dive In
Go Beyond the Known
Lift and Take Flight
Discover the Divine Between Us

Several years ago we sent a letter to 40 women from around the world simply asking if they would be interested in joining us for a    "collective plunge into the Mystery."  To our surprise all 40 women responded affirmatively.  

They were all seasoned women in the spiritual life,  shaped by years of service, integrating their love for the Divine with love for the world.   In their notes to us they wrote:

 ~ “This invitation is what I have been waiting for.”

~ “The is a new frontier, the solo journey has given way to the collective, let us take the leap into the Unified Field.”

 ~ "We are entering into the numinous together at a time of unprecedented collapse of Earth’s life systems.”

~ "We have the potential to release together unimaginable capacities of the soul into the world."

 We called the gathering Continual Blossoming,  because we recognized it as a fresh place to discover ever more expanded possibilities of ourselves in the Mystery.

Continual Blossoming is not a program, workshop, course, or retreat but a collective emergence (a Via Collectiva), a path of transformation together in the Divine that changes the world from the inside out.