Sisters of the Earth Community


Co-Sisters and Brothers

                                            Video courtesy of Lou Nznik

~ Are you drawn to our spirit and mission?

~ Do you resonate deeply with the work and spirit of Thomas Berry, and desire to bring forth his legacy?

~ Would you like to engage with us in a collective deepening in Wisdom for the Eco-zoic Era?  

If you find  resonance with these questions then joining us as a  Co~Sister or Brother may be for you.

In my own life venture I found good companions along the way, and from moment to moment the number has gathered until it seems almost limitless, the number of good companions.

Thomas Berry

Co-sisters and brothers of the Earth Community are men and women, from all walks of life, countries and faith traditions who desire to join us in our mission of Honoring Earth as a Single Sacred Community within the Eco-zoic era.

After an initial discernment, you engage with us in a two year process of formative exchange leading to a formal commitment for 3 years, renewable as a Co-Sister or Brother of the Earth Community.

As a co-sister or brother, you will be a significant part of our community, extending our mission to wherever you live and work in the world, or joining us here at Green Mt Monastery.


If you would like to have an initial conversation, please contact me:

Sr Gail