Sisters of the Earth Community


Our Sign

Copyright ~ Sisters of the Earth Community

The primordial direction of the universe is toward greater differentiation, deeper interiority and more intimate communion. ~ Thomas Berry


The Trio of Fish laid in a triangular shape is an ancient Christian symbol of the  Trinity; a dynamic community of interpenetrating energies circulating together in an unceasing outpouring of love.

The Circle symbolizes the deep time journey of our universe over 13.8 billion years of cosmic unfolding.

The three governing themes of the universe; Differentiation, Interiority and Communion placed around the circle display the primordial pattern through
                                               which our universe advances.  

                                               The Cross symbolizes the self emptying love of Christ permeating the cosmos.

                                               The Blue Stone in the center represents Earth our common home.   

The journey of the universe is an ever more complete physical-spiritual intercommunion of the parts with one another, with the whole and with the Numinous Presence that has manifested throughout the entire Universe Story.  (Thomas Berry)