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We have, in a sense, a new revelatory experience of the Divine through our present understanding of an unfolding universe, a cosmogenesis rather than a cosmos.

Thomas Berry



Upcoming Programs and Retreats

 Interspecies Communication Within a Multispecies Culture: Strengthening Our Connection

June 21 and 28, 2023
7 - 8pm eastern time
Led by:  Sr Gail and Sr Amie
Sponsored by Sisters of Earth Network


July 1 - 7, 2023

Were I to say How Much I Love the Earth........
Retreat led by Sr Gail

Jericho Retreat and Conference Center/Wainfleet, Ontario


July 23 - 26, 2023
Retreat on the Mystics: Thomas Berry and Evelyn Underhill
with Gail Worcelo and Pat Walter
Adrian, MI - Weber Retreat and Conference Center


August 5, 2023
Awakening the Kardiasphere
4 -5pm
Monthly gathering.  All are welcome to explore this emergent sphere of heart centered consciousness. 
If interested:


 Via Collectiva: Our Collective Journey in Love 
4 month experience
Beginning August, 2023

Donation: $200.00 ~ $250.00
Contact:  Gail Worcelo or Marg Kehoe at  
Via Collectiva/Continual Blossoming

See our page Via Collectiva for more details.


Sisters of the Earth Community ~ Monthly Call

August 6, 2023
7:30am ~ 8:30am NY time  
Have you ever thought of becoming a sister?  Do you desire to offer your deep contemplative heart in service to the healing and protection of the Earth Community? 
You are most welcome to join us and other women for a monthly exploration via zoom.

See our page ~ Join us as a Sister of the Earth Community
Contact: Sr Gail