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We have, in a sense, a new revelatory experience of the Divine through our present understanding of an unfolding universe, a cosmogenesis rather than a cosmos.

Thomas Berry



Upcoming Programs and Retreats


 Continual Blossoming: Our Collective Journey in Love 
4 month experience
Beginning February 2024 ~ May  2024

Donation: $200.00 ~ $250.00
Contact:  Gail Worcelo or Marg Kehoe at  
Via Collectiva/Continual Blossoming

See our page Via Collectiva for more details.


Sisters of the Earth Community ~ Monthly Call

May  2024
7:00am ~ 8:00am NY time  
Have you ever thought of becoming a sister?  Do you desire to offer your deep contemplative heart in service to the healing and protection of the Earth Community? 
You are most welcome to join us and other women for a monthly exploration via zoom.

See our page ~ Join us as a Sister of the Earth Community
Contact: Sr Gail


June 1, 2024

25th Anniversary Celebration 

Awe and Wonder

Zoom Call at 7 am NY time

Opening Reflections 
Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

Followed by 2 minute responses from our worldwide friends, sisters and partners, with this prompt:

How has the work of Thomas Berry opened you to the awe and wonder of the Earth Community? 

Closing Song and Slideshow
Celebration of 25 years

Zoom Link

Zoom room: 5655104539
Passcode: Earth


In Person Schedule

Join us for any or all of the events

8:30am -  Walking Pilgrimage from the UCC Church in Greensboro to GMM. 

10:30am - Endangered Species Art Exhibit and Reflection with artist Angela Manno.

11:15 am -  A Cosmic Liturgy: Celebrating the Grandeur of Existence

1pm -   
Lite Lunch 
If you plan to join us for meals please let us know
Rest/Yoga Nidra
Outdoor Forest Art Exhibit - Sr Bernadette

3pm - Social Band Concert ~ Songs Celebrating the Cosmos

We will recover our sense of wonder
and our sense of the sacred
only if we appreciate the universe beyond ourselves
as a revelatory experience of that numinous presence
whence all things came into being.   T Berry


5:30pm - Light Supper 

7pm - Sound Meditation with Kirk Jones