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Thomas Berry Houses Worldwide


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Our Thomas Berry Houses around the world carry out our mission of Honoring Earth as a Single Sacred Community in creative and beautiful ways.  

All Thomas Berry Houses are places of mutually enhancing relationships among ourselves and the entire sacred community of life. 

Current Houses:

Beach Lake, Pennsylvania

Bandung, Indonesia

The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.

Thomas Berry

Thomas Berry House ~  Beach Lake, Pennsylvania

Our Thomas Berry House in Pennsylvania is a short two hour ride to NYC  where we can access the world of art as well as the United Nations as we apply for NGO status.

From this space, Sr Bernadette is organizing the  Thomas Berry Eco ~ Arts Alliance which plans to curate, cultivate and promote the creative work of intergenerational artists whose work displays positive images of Earth as a Single Sacred Community.

Thomas Berry House ~ Bandung, Indonesia

Our  Thomas Berry House in Indonesia is being directed by Sr Kris and a team of our Indonesian Partners in Mission.  From this space, a biodynamic garden has been created as well as a Community Supported Garden initiative.  Programs introducing the work of Thomas Berry with hands on experience is also part of the work, as is our wonderful organic Earth Cookies and natural materials printed with the art work of Sr Kris.