Sisters of the Earth Community


Rhythms of The Land Sabbatical

          Forest Beloved ~ Green Mountain Monastery

Our luxuriant Earth community, mutually-enhancing in all its layers of life and being, where the creativity of every species is energized for the total vibrancy and joy of the whole community of beings.  Thomas Berry

We welcome you to Green Mountain Monastery and the Thomas Berry Sanctuary to be nurtured and held by our forest community, healed and energized in this place of beauty and deep rest. 

Our Rhythms of the Land Sabbatical is open for individual sabbatical time in our straw bale hermitage. We can offer guidance to help shape your stay and accompany you along the way.

Rhythms of the Land Sabbatical

Individual Sabbaticals from January 2021 ~  December 2021 (provided space is available)

Monthly Donation: $1000.00                                                        

If interested contact us: Green Mountain Monastery