Sisters of the Earth Community


Thomas Berry / Eco-zoic Training Program

Thomas Berry at St. Gabriel's Monastery/during Sr Gail's Novitate                          

In these opening years of the 21st century, we might reflect that a Four Fold Wisdom is available to guide us into the future: the Wisdom of Women, Wisdom of the Indigenous, Wisdom of the World's Religions and the Wisdom of Science.        (Thomas Berry)

Green Mountain Monastery is privileged to be the burial site of Thomas Berry and many who have come from around the world to pay their respects to Thomas experience his special presence in this place. 

It is our honor,  to offer the Thomas Berry ~ Eco-zoic Training program here at his place of burial. 


  Eco-Zoic,  a phrase coined by Thomas means 'House of Life,' and refers to the emerging geological era of Earth where we go forward as mutually enhancing members of our Earth Community.

We consider the Eco-zoic to be an emerging Era of Wisdom, and the focus of our training will be on the deepening of our collective wisdom.

Green Mountain Monastery continues the traditional role of the monastery as a welcoming place of hospitality, center for collective transformation and land based community.

While there will be an intellectual and study component to our training, a unique aspect will be to provide a space and structure for our collective deepening in Wisdom through practices and tools that engage us together at the level of the interior.

In addition, our training will include direct experience with the  Wisdom of the Earth Community in this place.

Finally, guided by our collective deepening in Wisdom, we will discover the selfless service flowing from our hearts into the world through a project to benefit the Earth community.

We can accommodate 5 ~ 6  people during each training. 

Dates:   (Provided we are in a post covid world)
May 1, 2021 ~ July 1, 2021    (Our first training program)
October 1, 2021 ~ December 1, 2021 

Cost:  $3000.00                                                                                            partial scholarships available

If interested contact Sr Gail